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seelectorLUX L

seelectorLUX L

High power LED-Line-light - for an exact and bright line

seelectorLUX L is the ideal illumination for surface inspection and detection of flaws and impurities on metal, wood, paper, plastic foils, webs and prints. This illumination for line scan cameras is suited for reflected- and transmitted light-mode.

The modular concept allows variable length from 250 mm to 3000 mm, supplied in all common colours. The user can comfortably modulate the illumination profile with a personal computer via RS232 interface. The adjustable lens provides an exact line in 50 mm to 500 mm distances.

The homogeneous LED-line-light offers many advantages: longevity, constant temperature, easy to install - robust aluminium housing - vibration and shock guarded, maintenance free.

Homogeneous Illumination - seelectorLUX A

The LED-power light source seelectorLUX A150 is a top class field illumination for machine vision.

The lighting surface with a highly homogeneous illumination uniformity is ideal for inspection systems with either reflected or transmitted light.

The efficient cooling concept guarantees high luminous efficacy and maximal reliability.

Available in all customary LED-colors!

seelectorLUX A

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